Blood Fiestas Spain | Animal Equality

Animal Equality investigators have infiltrated dozens of bullfights in Spain, documenting the cruelty and suffering animals are submitted to.

Every year in Spain over 16,000 celebrations with animal abuse take place. Animal Equality has documented events such as the cruel becerradas and novilladas, revealing unseen images of violence and brutality.

Durante varios años, activistas de la organización han recorrido distintas provincias como Madrid, Guadalajara o Valladolid para investigar lo que realmente sucede en estos eventos taurinos y mostrarlo a la sociedad, dando así a conocer estas prácticas crueles que suponen la muerte de miles de animales cada año.

For several years, Animal Equality activists have travelled through Spanish regions, to investigate what really happens in these bullfighting events to shed light upon these cruel practices which kill thousands of animals each year.

Animals are beaten, stoned, kicked and chased by vehicles until collapsing exhausted whilst small calves, less than two years old, suffer an agonizing and painful death. These are just some of the findings revealed during the investigation which uncover the enormous suffering that bullfights force upon animals.

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