Behind the “Screens”: The Killing of a 2-year-old Racehorse at a Juvenile Auction

Every spring, 2-year-old Thoroughbreds are forced to sprint at breakneck speeds in “under tack shows” just to impress prospective buyers and inflate sales prices at auctions. They will never run this fast again in their future racing careers … if they survive.

This Thoroughbred filly was known only as Hip #130. She was just 2 years old, and she hadn’t even been given an official racing name yet when she sustained a catastrophic leg injury at the Fasig-Tipton auction in Maryland. She was then administered a lethal injection to “euthanize” her on the track. A PETA undercover investigator captured the entire sequence on video before a blue screen was put up to try to block the view of the carnage. This unique “behind the screens” perspective exposes one of the youngest victims of this blood sport.

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