Bear cub Yen's first year at sanctuary

One year ago, a moon bear cub was torn from his mother in the wild who was likely killed as she fought to protect her baby.

The cub was bundled into a backpack and was about to be trafficked into an unknown, but certainly terrifying future.

But the local police in Vietnam had been following the trafficker. They intercepted his illegal operation and rescued the terrified cub.

The police contacted Animals Asia who rushed to the cub’s side and brought him to our Vietnam sanctuary.

Today, Yến has grown into a confident, happy bear who has lots of friends. He still suckles his paw, a sign that he was torn from his mum too soon.

But thanks to you, Yến was saved from a dark and painful future and will live out the rest of his life being loved and cared for.

Help us reach more bear cubs before it’s too late:

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