Be a Sweater They Said

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You’ll probably remember the viral sensation “Be a Lady They Said,” narrated by Cynthia Nixon. That powerful video tackling toxic masculinity inspired PETA to pay homage with our own version called “Be a Sweater They Said,” created for New York Fashion Week and featuring PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange. The video takes aim at the fashion industry’s rampant systemic speciesism.

Speciesism, a form of discrimination perpetuated by humans and based on species, is a toxic, lethal mindset that allows the fashion world to get away with murder—literally. Those who bully and kill animals for clothing want you—the consumer—to be complicit in their oppression, but our new video exposes the fashion industry’s attempts to normalize extreme suffering and violence. By giving voice to what fashion is actually saying to the animals it exploits, our video reveals how intensely cruel, manipulative, and greedy its attempts are at justifying mangling, mutilating, clipping, ripping, stripping, and shipping sensitive animals to make sweaters, handbags, shoes, jackets, and countless other products of extreme violence that nobody needs.

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