Another horrific death on track

A horrific scene played out on the Gold Coast on Boxing Day 2020.

The stewards report reads:
“TACTICAL MOVE – Laid in approaching the home turn. Suffered a fatal bleeding attack on entering the home straight before crashing through the inside running rail and dislodging rider M Palmerwho was transported to hospital after being treated on course by QAS staff…”

Bleeds occur when horses are pushed too far and their lung capillaries burst. The fact that these horse are pushed to beyond their physical limits indicates that these horses are running out of fear, being coerced with the whip and other instruments like the bit, spurs and tongue ties. This was only his fourth race.

On the same day and on the same racetrack, three jockeys were fined for
excessive whip use for as total sum of $1100.00 between them. The current whip rules and associated penalties are completely inadequate and no deterrent.

The racing industry repeatedly plays down the injuries and deaths on course, yet on average, a horse is reported killed on track every three days. Many more horses sustain injuries and will simply disappear.

This industry is about money- not the horses.

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