American Horses Slaughtered in Mexico for Meat | Investigation by Animal Equality

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An Animal Equality investigator documented American horses awaiting their killing at a slaughterhouse in Zacatecas, Mexico. The yellow United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) stickers identify the horse’s origin. An on-site veterinarian further confirmed they’re American horses.

In the second part of this investigation, Animal Equality filmed inside a slaughterhouse in Chiapas, Mexico. The images show the cruel treatment of animals inside Mexican slaughterhouses, where American horses can also end up.

At this second slaughterhouse, investigators found severe violations of Mexican Official Standards set to avoid unnecessary suffering.

As the footage shows, workers beat, hang and spray sick and exhausted animals with water in the face to force them to move. Horses are ineffectively stunned—some are shot multiple times in the head before becoming unconscious. Animals are also slaughtered while conscious due to these ineffective stunning methods.

The US Government must protect horses from this fate and ban their transport for slaughter in other countries.

“The death of horse 5036, as well as of tens of thousands of American horses every year, is unnecessary and unacceptable. As Animal Equality has documented with this investigation, the US is sending these horses outside of our borders so that their killing is out of sight of the majority of Americans that oppose the slaughter of horses for human consumption. Our citizens agree this suffering is wrong—now it’s time for the US Government to ban it once and for all.”
— Sharon Núñez, President of Animal Equality

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