After 14 years…a new life for rescued moon bear Sky

In the wild, moon bears can expect to live for up to 30 years. But for Sky, life ended when she was just a cub.

Her mother was killed and she was poached from her forest home. Sold to a businessman, she was put in a cage in 2004. This morning she was still there. Still alone. Still scared.

For the past 14 years she made her owner rich. She would periodically be knocked out and needles stabbed into her stomach in an attempt to find her gall bladder. Once the right area had been punctured, Sky’s bile was sucked out and put into tiny vials to be sold as traditional medicine.

Alone in a metal cage, Sky never touched grass, never climbed a tree, never foraged for food in her forest home.

But at lunchtime today, this cycle of abuse ended. Animals Asia rescuers cut open the cage that would have been her coffin and carried her to safety.

Now no-one will every hurt Sky again. As she was carried away from the cage and put on the truck that would take her to sanctuary, her new life started.

This one will be a life worth living. One where Sky’s needs come first.

She will play with other bears, explore a large grassy enclosure, climb, swim, forage and swim. She will finally be a bear again. The bear stolen from the wild long ago may still remember who she really is.

With time, love and compassion, we will get Sky there. But we won’t do it alone. The commitment to give Sky her new life is one we can take only thanks to the thousands of people around the world who commit with us. The people who see Sky’s suffering, who read her story and say, “I’ll help you, Sky”.

Please help Sky recover from cruelty and be the bear she was born to be:

Music: Prelude No.?? by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under an Attribution NonCommercial licence.

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