Adidas is killing kangaroos for profit.

Every single night in Australia, kangaroos are being shot and their joeys decapitated, bludgeoned or left to die slowly. Why? So that @adidas can turn their skins into sports shoes.

Nike, Puma and New Balance have all announced they will no longer support this brutal wildlife trade… but Adidas is dragging its feet. Which is why we are joining organisations around the world in calling on adidas to stop supporting the kangaroo killing industry.

📣 Raise your voice for kangaroos and their joeys today:

🤝 We are proud to join @thecenterforahumaneeconomy6139 and animal protection organisations around the world in calling for kangaroos & joeys to be protected from the cruelty of commercial slaughter.

#animalwelfare #wildlifeconservation #animalrights #australianwildlife

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