A carer's love for rescued sun bear

This is a story of kindness in action.

When Animals Asia rescued a tiny sun bear cub in 2010 from wildlife traffickers, she was so scared and timid we thought she’d never recover from the pain and trauma she’d been through.

But Bear Team Manager Chien was there right by her side from the very start. And he’s been by her side every day ever since. Supporting her, talking gently to her, feeding her her favourite treats, and showing her that she is loved and protected at our sanctuary.

Slowly, but surely, Sassy learned to trust again.

And today she is the picture of health and happiness, thanks to you, and thanks to Chien for never giving up on her.

There are still many bears being trafficked illegally across Asia. Join our bear rescue team today and help us reach them before it’s too late:

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