A breath of fresh air: why we need phytoplankton (and the oceans) to survive

Phytoplankton superheroes. They’re small, they’re green and they eat carbon for breakfast.
Small doesn’t necessarily mean insignificant! Phytoplankton are so tiny you can’t even see them yet our life depends on them. Thanks to these microscopic organisms we have one of the most critical things for our survival – fresh oxygen.

But they can’t do their job without large marine animals, whose poop provides phytoplankton with nutrients. However, large fishes are being killed because of human activity, especially fishing. We must realize how not respecting living beings in the ocean means we suffer heavy consequences ourselves. It’s time to start protecting all sea animals now!
This and other important facts about our ocean are discussed in the engaging article on this topic “That Sinking Feeling: 5 Things I learned From Seaspiracy” written by Natasha Maria. You can help by reading and sharing this article with everyone you know:
Be sure to watch the documentary film “Seaspiracy” on Netflix to learn more!

Go vegan and get active for the animals and our planet!
Join or start a Fish Save chapter in your area today!
Animation by Asya & Barsik
Instagram: @asya.and.barsik
Music from “Scheherazade” by Rimsky-Korsakov (arranged and performed by the Meowiinsky Theatre)

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