100 Pit Bulls in 100 Seconds

People are sometimes surprised to learn that PETA supports breed-specific legislation for pit bulls—specifically, laws that require pit bulls and pit bull mixes to be spayed or neutered. In light of the horrendous abuse that pit bulls face because of their breed and the multitude of pit bulls who languish in animal shelters every year, everyone who has pit bulls’ best interests at heart should support measures that prevent more of them from being born into a world that’s likely to offer them only suffering and death.

Pit bulls are bred for profit, fought, abused, neglected, and discarded specifically because of their breed. That’s why they need and deserve regulations that protect them based on their breed. They protect pit bulls from being born just to be exploited and abused. Every year, more than 3 million animals are euthanized for lack of a suitable home, so there’s simply no good reason to bring more dogs of any breed into the world.

If you love pit bulls, help them. Work for mandatory spay/neuter and anti-chaining laws. Urge people who keep their dogs chained to let them live indoors as members of the family. And always report abuse and neglect. Pit bulls need all the friends they can get.

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